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*** Please Note:  Due to health issues, I am currently accepting only a limited number of new photography projects.  Feel free to contact me, and we can discuss your needs.  ~ Sarah  ***


Newborn Sessions

Newborns are special. Their sessions are equally special, needing lots of patience. I allow three to four hours.   If I get five minutes before the baby needs cuddling or feeding, and then I wait for twenty minutes, that's okay! 

     "Sarah somehow manages to capture dozens of those precious expressions and moments that change and pass so quickly.  We are thoroughly delighted not only with the photographs that she took, but also with how fun & easy the experience was for us all. 

     Her willingness to come to our home was so much more convenient than having to pack the whole family up to go to a studio and made it possible for us to include more of our own materials -- such as toys and blankets that actually belong to our son, as well as the family dog (who would have been too unruly to photograph elsewhere) -- rather than have to rely on meaningless studio props. 

     As a mother herself, she was very sensitive to our baby's needs (diaper changes & feedings), and gave us plenty of image options to choose from, knowing that our baby's variety of expressions are just as important to us as getting an ideal pose. 

     Furthermore, Sarah gave us the chance to preview the images via e-mail or Internet, which allowed us to take time to make our selections carefully.  In our experience, such decisions usually have to be made on the spot & rather hurriedly (especially if the baby is getting fussy) in a store or studio setting, but my husband and I enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss which images were our favorites in the comfort of our home when the baby was asleep.

     We could not be more thrilled, and we are very pleased to recommend Sarah Starr Photography to our friends & family."

                                  Jenny D., after their second session


Newborn sessions include a quick visit to the Salem hospital within the first 24 hours, if you'd like, so you can have a few great pictures from that very first day.   After three or four days, when things are a little calmer, we'll schedule a session.  


If you're interested in a newborn session, call me to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.  You've worked hard to make your baby's nursery or the nook in your bedroom just right.  I'll check the lighting in those areas.  Show me the mural on the nursery wall and your comfy blue glider, and I'll figure out how to take beautiful pictures that include them.  Call now, even if you have two or three months to go.  (Maternity pictures are best/easiest at 7 1/2 or 8 months....)  

Here are some preference questions we'll discuss:

- Do you want posed or casual images? Any particular poses?
- What are your favorite pictures in my newborn gallery?
- Do you want to see lots of soft baby skin or cute clothes?
- Do you have an ottoman? a space heater? (I'll bring them if you don't.)
- Do you have your own special blankets that you'd like in the photos?
- How about special toys, or mom or dad's uniform, sports regalia, or hat?
- Who will be in the pictures? (mom, dad, siblings, ....?)


     "Sarah was a delight to work with.  She understands that babies may get hungry, tired, or fussy unexpectedly, and she strives to ensure that her clients (big and little) are happy.  It's obvious Sarah enjoys her job, and she has the patience to take great photos.  She gave us pointers ahead of time about what to wear and what to bring to the photo shoot and made sure my baby and I were comfortable throughout the morning.  I truly appreciated the relaxed atmosphere.  Sarah was quick to get me a look at the photos afterwards, and she is always fast to respond to e-mails.  I recommend Sarah, and look forward to scheduling our next shoot!"

                      Elizabeth W.

The number-one word for my newborn sessions is relaxed.   It's all about your comfort and working around your baby's needs.  If your little one is sleeping, we'll get pictures highlighting those gorgeous eyelashes.  When the baby's awake, we'll get some with those big eyes. (Babies don't look at the camera -- but I can often zip over to where the baby is looking!)  And if your baby is fussy, that's absolutely okay.   I've dealt with babies that needed a lot of cuddling and feeding time, and I've taken beautiful pictures of every one of them.  

     "My husband and I are always delighted with the images Sarah captures through the lens of her camera -- and even better is the spirit in which she does it! She has photographed both of my children as newborns, and I deeply appreciate how tender and patient she is with them (and me) even when they are less than cooperative with our plans to photograph them."  

             Jenny D.

Still not sure?  Have questions?  Call me.  Let's talk on the phone or in person to discuss what you most want from a newborn session, and whether we'd be a good fit.   Don't wait till you're at eight and a half months, though!  Make sure you can get on my calendar by calling early.   Babies don't always come on schedule, but knowing in advance still helps.  My number is 503-585-4088.  I'd love to hear from you.

Congratulations on your new addition.  I hope to meet him or her soon!  <: