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*** Please Note:  Due to health issues, I am currently accepting only a limited number of new photography projects.  Feel free to contact me, and we can discuss your needs.  ~ Sarah  ***
I took my first photography class in middle school, artistically posing my stuffed animals. College -- another class. But the technical stuff didn't stick.
Several years ago, I vacationed by a river with my sister and uncle, both avid photographers. I was really excited, ready to learn how to take gorgeous whooshing waterfall pictures. But my sister said, "If you don't know how to use your camera beyond Auto, I don't know what to tell you." Argh!
I signed up for another class, and started taking my camera out every evening, leaving my super-supportive husband with the baby. 300,000+ photographs later, here I am.
I still love ice-rimmed leaves and heart-shaped rocks, but I've also discovered a passion for portraits -- real, relaxed, happy portraits taken with an eye to beauty.
Recently, a bride gasped and teared up at a wedding picture I'd taken. Why? Because her dad's face was so loving and so proud as he hugged her goodbye -- and my picture will remind her of that forever! That's what my family and couple sessions are about: the love in your relationships.

You and your iphone can show how teeny your baby's hands really are, and your son's first haircut, and I hope you take lots of pictures! But I go farther.  Here's what you'll get from my sessions:

  • Real smiles. I love bringing kids to giggles -- encouraging the biggest puffer-face EVER, and also getting the true happy face right after it. I promise to get past the smirk or "cheese" smile.
  • Crisp images. I have a wonderful, high-tech camera, and I know exactly how to use it.
  • Beautiful light. Certain light is unflattering. I won't use those light angles. <:
  • Art. You'll love my composition. Shapes, colors, and lighting all will create art featuring you.
  • Patience. If your child starts off a little too wiggly or too shy for pictures, fine! I'll be playing tic-tac-toe or racing or stomping on leaves. Knock-knock jokes, noisemakers, chit-chat... I got some terrific laughing shots by daring two sisters to throw their orange peels at me!
"[My daughter] loves hanging out with you!" -- Josh L.
I'm delighted at how many of my clients refer to our sessions as fun.
So -- 1 or 2 hours of fun with you and the camera -- plus 10 to 20 more hours afterwards. I fine-tune your images into beautiful pictures you'll be delighted to hang on your wall and share with family and friends. Expect your favorite smiles, and expect art.