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Rainbow leaf
Fire Tree
Autumn in Virginia
New Life
Cherry Blossom Lamp
Jeweled Dragonfly
Torn but beautiful
Delicate blossoms
"Care to dance?"
Water Drop on Magnolia
Pink Camellia
A Tulip Kiss
Fancy Wishes
A Wish at Rest
A New Vine
White Iris
Macro: Fibers
Heart Collage
Grape Leaf in the Sun
Puffin bathing
Christmas in the spring
"Do you mind? I'm bathing!"
Peacock portrait
One puff of softness
Midlight garden
Ice jewel
Blossom in the sun
Cold beauty
Fun shapes
Eighth note jewel
Snowy leaves
Perched up high
Easter Morning
Mt Angel Abbey - attention to the details
Physics at work
New leaf
Seagull at sunset
"Good morning!"
Heart spray
Heart rock half in water
Moth, upside down
Lily macro
The start of fall
Stripes of green
Fishing boat
Knots and vines and blue sky
Early moon
Door to....?
Icy maple with green
Icy maple with blue
Alaskan mountainside
River swirl heart
Heart in the river and grass
Heart rock in water
Four generations