Here are Adam's yearbook options.  Ignore color and contrast; as you can see, white balance varies widely by location.  I've cropped these but have edited only a little bit.  

When you've chosen your favorite for the yearbook, email or call me.  

As you look through the album, you can (each) create a Favorites folder to help you organize your thoughts.  Your session includes 10 digital images with full reprint rights.  You're welcome to choose as many as you want, of course!  Beyond those 10, additional images are $30 each now or $40 after your main order.  

When you make your main order, I'll want to know the size you plan to print them, as sometimes that affects my editing choices. 

Images can always be cropped tighter -- with the caveat that some won't be suitable for large prints (above 8x10).

If you're thinking of putting some in a folio, you might want to choose your folio first and keep the  orientation options in mind as you choose your images.  (Or sometimes I have already cropped an image and have the leeway to change it to the other orientation; you can always ask.)  Many folios have six vertical spaces and two horizontal.  Here are examples:

Let me know if you have any questions!



Any questions before you finalize your purchase? 
Please call me at 503-585-4088,
or email