R. Family Studio Session

Julia, Daniel, Maureen, and David -- Welcome!

In the photo cart, click on a photo to enlarge it.  You can compare two side-by-side.  Add photos to a Favorites folder to review them in a smaller set. 

Standard edits:  In all purchased images, I adjust color and contrast a little, edit out any distracting backdrop wrinkles, etc.  As you can see, I edited one family portrait as an example. The cover image, though, might be a better example for contrast, as I lightened it more and tweaked the color when I went back recently to look at it.  <:

Merging:  I offer one free merge (multiple people) with every family session.  If you want to merge a specific Daniel and a specific Julia onto a different family shot of the same basic pose, for example, I can do that. Beyond the initial merge, my editing rate is $25/hour, and I will give you an estimate/maximum up front on any additional merges you're interested in.

Black and White:  We didn't discuss black and whites.  If you'd like to see a specific image as a black and white print, email me.  <:

Now, how to order:

Step 1: If you'd like a package, go to "Package" and add one. 

Step 2: Choose a photo and "add to package." Then choose the size and quantity you want for that photo.  Continue adding photos until you have filled your package.  Add a second package and repeat if desired.

Step 3: To order more prints or digital images, or to order a la carte, "Add to Cart."

Note: if you close your browser, your cart will empty. Don't start this process until you're ready.  <:

If you order by January 22, 2017, you may have a 10% discount.  Use the coupon code ORDERIN10.

You may pay via Paypal or choose "Pay on delivery" and send me a check.  When you have gone through the shipping info/billing steps, please be sure to "complete payment."

Please call or email me with any questions.  I'm also happy to sit down with you at my house for an ordering session if you'd prefer.  This is a good option if you have several questions or want to see what different photos could look like in different crops or edits. 

Thanks for making time in your Christmas vacation to let me photograph your family.  I look forward to an outside play session in the spring.

I'll chat with you soon.



Any questions before you finalize your purchase? 
Please call me at 503-585-4088,
or email sarahstarrphotography@hotmail.com.