Whittles 2016

Beth & Tim --  Welcome!

Your preview album has four pages -- one with each child, one with the two together, and one with other variations of Team Whittle.

In the photo cart, click on a photo to enlarge it.  You can compare two side-by-side.  Add photos to a Favorites folder to review them in a smaller set. 

I put similar photos together for easy comparison.  Remember that you can zoom in.  I've also included the individual photos in the shopping cart; you can easily order by clicking the individual photos, or you can email me a list.  (I didn't always show individual photos if I'm sure you'll want a merge; see merges below.)

Standard edits:  I will adjust color and contrast a little.  Occasionally I'll edit out a distracting clump of brightly lit bush or grass, etc.  Please use your imagination.  Judge by expression and not by photographic qualities.  If you're wondering what the editing would look like, please ask!

Merging:  I offer one free merge with every family session.  If you want to merge a particular Beth head onto a different family shot of the same basic pose, for example, I can do that. Beyond the initial merge, my editing rate is $25/hour.  I've made a note on merges that I'm happy to do for no charge.  If you're interested in others, let me know; I will give you an estimate/maximum up front.  In some cases, I showed you a pair of photos with Tim's eyes closed in one and B. looking away in another, for example, and suggested a no-charge merge; in these cases I did not upload the individual photos.

Black and White:  We didn't discuss black and whites.  If you'd like to see a specific image as a black and white print, email me.  <:

Size:  I will crop everything a little bit large so you can make your own crops.

To order: Choose a photo and "Add to Cart."  Note: if you close your browser, your cart will empty. Don't start this process until you're ready. 

Lovely to spend so much time with you all this year and to get to know S. and B. better!  I'll chat with you soon.



Any questions before you finalize your purchase? 
Please call me at 503-585-4088,
or email sarahstarrphotography@hotmail.com.