Aly's Senior Photos

Julie --  Welcome!

Aly's album now has two pages: Head Shots is separated for convenience, but those images are also included in the other page, Imagination Needed.  We discussed your interest in seeing a lot of images, so here they are, but here's the trick: you must not base your selections on cropping etc.  ONLY think about Aly and whether her expression makes you smile.  You'll be amazed at how different a feel a photo has with different crops or angles.  Much of that can be changed!  So what I'd like you to do is zoom in and make a Favorite Expressions folder.  Don't think too hard.  From there I'll play and give you a quickly edited set to choose from.

In the photo cart, click on a photo to enlarge it.  You can compare two side-by-side.  Add photos to a Favorites folder to review them in a smaller set. 

If you have specific cropping thoughts on specific photos, great!  Drop me an email.  For example, "Can we try 7392, 7647, .... as close-ups?  And stay zoomed out for 1223 and...."  Otherwise I'll use my judgment and give you a mix.

Remember, please use your imagination.  If you see one photo in a set that looks more alive, but it's right in the middle of two others with basically the same pose, it's because I played with the one.  For example, look at 7393 in the salmon-colored shirt and the scarf.  It's all about the crop and angle!

The lighting and contrast is different in different photos.  I will adjust them a little more.  I will erase distracting electricity lines and joggers.  I will adjust color a little.  Aly's chin is often down; I'll add light to her eyes.  With the drums, your arm is in a few.  (All of you is in one parasol photo - but easily deletable! <:)  Doesn't matter!  In the drum set, especially, pick the expression you like best in a set and I can easily merge it with a different photo.  Feel free to ask for a specific edit.  If it is simple, I will do it for no charge.  If it will take me over 15 minutes, I will give you an estimate first.

Don't order till we go through this first round.  Trust me -- you'll have a much better idea what you want after my first quick edits. 

I'll talk to you soon.



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